Pete Spangler

Software Engineer - Copywriter - Raconteur

Tech stack...... so far!

Fyyur and Trivia API

Utilized the Flask Web Framework for several projects through the Udacity Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree, as well as the first version of this website!


My main programming language, so the majority of my projects have been written in Python.


This ASP.NET website is deployed as a Docker container from an Azure Container Registry.


I recently completed the Udacity Azure Developer Nanodegree, in which I built several projects utilizing different features of Azure.

An experienced teacher looking to transition into the tech industry and make a difference at scale.

Award Winning Social Media Copywriter, avid runner, and ravenous reader with an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Hobbies and interests


As part of my Canadian Citizenship test prep, I have taken a stronger interest in the sport since I moved here in 2017.  Additionally, my knowledge of it and other sports helped me gain a freelancing role writing social media content for a local hobby shop, a role in which I helped the agency win an award. (Hermes Creative Awards 2020)


While 2020 put a stop to this, I do love to visit new places and have new experiences. Above is a picture from a morning safari in Eswatini.


Canada has absolutely gorgeous nature and I take every opportunity to explore and immerse myself in it. This is the "Valley of the Gods" from Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park and the larger picture above this div is from Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park.


If you told me in 2015 that I would have run multiple half marathons in a few years, I would have NEVER believed you. But I have the medals and blister scars to prove it now. 3x Seawheeze participant!


Due to a year of carpooling with an obsessed Liverpool fanatic, I adopted the Reds as my team. I have yet to pilgrimage to Anfield, but I did see Leicester draw with West Ham in their preposterous title winning season.


I am always looking for a good place to eat or something new and interesting to try. I have a great list of restaurants in Vancouver, message me if you need recommendations!