First: ChoreHub

Picture of Android Phone running ChoreHub

The idea for this has been knocking around in my head for a long time.

Pretty much every language/framework has a series of tutorials and one of them is about guaranteed to be a CRUD app, which this idea takes to the next step by adding more functionality and accountability.

It is built in React-Native with a Django Rest-Framework backend, and it is going swimmingly so far.

The decisions about styling and which libraries to use have been interesting, I was naively not expecting how many there would be to choose from.

Which has lead me to believe the arguments about tech stacks or best languages or frameworks are quaint in comparison.

There are arguments about everything, no matter how small or inconsequential it might seem to the end user.

Which UI component library is best, which is smallest/most performant, how there is no clear choice for a date-time-picker for React-Native, the need for Redux or if I could get away with using the base Context API, it is non stop.

The important takeaway is thus: I have learned so much during this production process and I can not wait to ship it.

Second: Textured Glass

Picture of Rialto Sea Otter

The program uses NumPy and OpenCV to manipulate an image. The example image is of Rialto, one of the gorgeous sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Horizontally manipulated image of Rialto the Sea Otter.

Decide on the manipulation you want. Slice and shuffle the image horizontally or vertically, or do you want it to be sliced and flipped?

Vertically manipulated image of Rialto the Sea Otter.

It is a simple program, but it taught me about virtual environments, importing packages/modules, and after seeing the result I was hooked.

What is next?

TypeScript Logo

Habit Tracker inspired by Atomic Habits, coded with TypeScript and React

CSharp Logo.

Continuing to iterate on this website, adding functionality and interesting features.

React.Js logo.

Also implementing this framework not only on the Habit Tracker but also this website to make it look better.